Is the ISTQB certification acknowledged across the world?

Yes, this is a truly internationally recognized certification program and currently the world’s most popular software testing related certification.

How can I be entitled to the Certified Software Tester certificate?

In order to win the title, you must successfully pass the ISTQB certification exams. In order to pass the test you must acquire professional knowledge in the field of testing, and be familiar with the basics and work processes of software testing. More information regarding the exam schedule and courses can be found here.

Where are the courses and exams held?

They are currently held at Continuing Education – University of Iceland (Endurmenntun Háskóla Íslands), Dunhaga 7, 107 Reykjavík.

What language are the courses and exams in?

The courses and exams are in English. Candidates taking exams that are not in their native or local language get longer exam time.

What is the entry criteria?

For the Foundation Level certification there is no entry criteria, but it helps to have some testing experience.
To be eligible to undertake the Agile Tester Foundation Extension certification exam, candidates must first hold the ISTQB Foundation Certificate.

Do I need to take the course before the exam?

No you do not, but it is highly recommended since the courses provide in-depth understanding of the topics in the syllabus, through teaching, discussions and practical exercises. It is also possible to attend courses without taking the exams for learning purposes, but the attendee will not be ISTQB certified.

Can I take the exam online?

Yes, through our collaboration with GASQ. You can choose an exam time that is best suited for your schedule. Please note that you have to book the exam with 4 days notice.
Register here for an online exam

What ISTQB Certifications can I accrue?

Through our collaboration with GASQ you can take the following exams online:

How much does the online exams at GASQ cost?

The online  exam prices at GASQ range from 200 to 250 EUR, see list below. The exam registration and payment will go through GASQ web page.

200 EUR – Certified Tester, Agile Tester, Model-Based Tester, Usability Tester, Mobile Application Tester

250 EUR – Agile Technical Tester, Test Manager, Test Analyst, Technical Test Analyst, Security Tester, Test Automation Engineer, Performance Tester, Acceptance Tester

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