The Icelandic Software Testing Board is part of the ISTQBs national institution (International Software Testing Qualifications Board), which aims to promote awareness, professionalism, and support for software testers. ISTQB is currently the world’s most popular software testing-related certification and has issued certifications in over 100 countries. 

The Icelandic Software Testing Board is intended to be the ISTQB Icelandic member and thus work to promote the knowledge, dissemination, and support of “ISTQB Certified Tester” in Iceland and participate in the further development of ISTQB.

The association’s activities are non-profit.

Hugpró (Ice-stqb) carries out various activities to enhance the knowledge and skills of companies, organizations, and individuals in the field of testing and quality assurance of digital systems, such as:

  • Go-home meetings/meetups
  • Annual Conference
  • Professional networks
  • Development and translation of ISTQB pens and exam questions
  • course Accreditation

In addition, we cooperate with other member organizations in ISTQB.

Hugpró is committed to investing in the Icelandic software testing community and developing a professional networking forum to represent the interests of software testers. If you want to contribute with your knowledge and energy, please contact us at hugproisl@gmail.com.