Test talk at RB

RB, Reiknistofa bankanna, hosted a test talk at their headquarters on the 4th of April. Kristrún Arnarsdóttir, test manager and Ívar Eiríksson gave an interesting presentation on how test management is conducted in the SOPRA project, which is one the largest software integration projects in Icelandic history

Dokka meeting 24th of Nov at Nýherji

The first ICE-STQB meetup was held 24th of November at Nýherji. Over 45 people attended from 23 companies and had morning coffee over a light chat. This time we had three presentations after a short introduction into ICE-STQB.

Angelina Belistov, test engineer from Sabre started with the GTE (Global Test Engineering) model that Sabre uses and how it has changed the quality of their software.

Next was Eggert Thorlacius, a programmer from Men & Mice who talked about the changes and development of the company’s test environment.

Mario Suman, head of product quality, also from Men & Mice had the final presentation about common challenges in managing virtual test environments and shared ideas about how certain problems could be solved.